Stay in sync without meetings

Cadence replaces your unproductive status meetings with quick updates connected to your favorite work tools.


How it works

Simple updates that work where you work

Empower every member of your team to submit updates that seamlessly integrate into their Slack workflows.

Slack demo

Easy, connected updates

Cadence integrates with your favorite workplace tools like Jira, Github, and Trello so that you can see all your work in one place.


Daily and weekly highlights

We aggregate and summarize the most important updates so that you can so you can focus on spending time with your team where it counts.


Why we're building Cadence

We believe work is ultimately a creative endeavor. Inspiration comes when you least expect it and your best work doesn’t happen on a fixed schedule.

You want process and tools that help you stay connected to and build trust with your teams without making you feel like a micro-manager.

If this resonates with you, please leave your email below and we'll onboard you as fast as we are able.