3 DEI Activities for Remote Teams

In this post, we’re sharing 3 virtual DEI activities to help your team to learn and grow together. These employee engagement activities are great for those looking for Black History Month virtual event ideas. They're also very effective for other cultural celebrations such as: Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Cinco De Mayo, Diwali, and many more! 

One thing to note: employees are more likely to support these efforts if they understand the importance of DEI in the workplace. So, be sure to communicate this before engaging in any of these activities!

Start a DEI Book Club

A book club is a great way to introduce your employees to important DEI topics. It’s also a meaningful way to support diverse authors and commit to reading beautiful works you otherwise may not have. 

To get started, choose a book that your team will read together. Your choice will be dependent on the types of discussion you’d like to have.

Here’s a great reading list to get you started: 27 Books Written By POC Authors.

Next, divide the book into manageable chunks, and set a clear schedule for how much of the book should be read by when. Then, schedule some time on the calendar in advance to set aside for the discussions you’ll have! Before each discussion, we recommend you compile a list of guiding questions. Bonus points if you send out the questions to your team beforehand!  

Choose a platform that team members will use to discuss what they’ve learned from the book. Zoom is a great option for its Breakout Room feature. This allows you to split larger teams into smaller, more-focused discussion groups! 

Make this a continuous form of remote employee engagement. Allow employees to continue the conversation beyond the scheduled Zoom meeting. A dedicated Slack channel will help ensure these activities aren’t viewed as one-off events.

Host a Game of DEI Trivia: Team Edition

As far as employee engagement activities go, it doesn’t get much better than a game of trivia. I mean, who doesn’t like a bit of friendly competition?! In order for this event to be most effective, you’ll have to put in lots of time and energy to make it as tailored to your team members as possible.

  1. Gather cultural information about your team. Things like place of birth, language, cuisine, art, literature, music, etc. 
  2. Send out a poll to your team members to collect this info. (Typeform or Google Forms are great options) 
  3. Research! You’ll want to dig into the history behind the info gathered and curate a set of questions to use in your trivia event.
  4. Schedule a time to host your trivia event and invite your team! 
  5. On the day of the event, break your group up into teams of 3-5 people
  6. Every team will have three 8-minute rounds to deliberate over a set of tailored questions in their own Zoom breakout rooms
  7. At the end of each round, everyone will regroup and the host will use the answer key to walk through the correct answers and tally up the score. Easy peasy!
  8. You might also be interested in checking out our 4 Ideas for Fun Team Building Activities. 

There are many platforms out there that host trivia events for virtual team bonding. There are few that offer DEI-themed experiences. And even fewer that will host an event tailored to your specific team members. If you're looking for Black History Month virtual event ideas or planning some other cultural celebration, Cadence does it all!

Upgrade your team socials
Question Roulette is the best Zoom alternative for running icebreaker activities that delight

Arrange a Virtual DEI Lunch & Learn

Learning about cultures from around the world doesn’t have to be confined to a slide deck. Spice it up (pun intended) and invite your team to bond over a virtual, potluck-style lunch and learn! 

Invite employees to a scheduled call with one tasty instruction: prepare and bring a dish that holds some sort of cultural meaning for you and explain why this dish is a significant part of your culture!

Some team members might already have a recipe that’s been in the family for generations. For those who don’t, encourage them to research their heritage and make something. Or, they could research a dish from one of their favorite parts of the world and bring that to share instead!

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