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Question Roulette


Any group size

New hire onboarding

The goal of Question Roulette is to provide a fun, casual way for teams to get to know each other. You'll be mixed and matched in small groups room with team members across the company. Each room has custom conversation prompts we prepare to be used as a starting point for your conversations. We'll shuffle you into a new group every 10 minutes so you get a chance to meet new people!

Customer Reviews

My team and I are very introverted, but Question Roulette was a great way to get us talking about things we normally don't. The prompt cards led to lots of interesting discoveries about my teammates I didn't know before!

Peter F.

Director, EDO

I'm suuuuuper impressed with Question Roulette! Talked to lots of different people and everyone had an amazing time! Our CEO just Slacked with a very favorable impression <3 THANK YOU!!! Talks of doing again in the future or even using for some of our new hire activities. Good stuff!

Ali P.

Senior Business Recruiter, Routable

I thought this event was super creative and fun! I really liked the prompts and that we could choose the ones we wanted to use.

Marlon J.

Head of Finance & Operations,

Question Roulette led to much deeper and more intimate conversations than typical team bonding group crap that never goes anywhere interesting. Nice work!

Greg H.

Senior PM, Qualtrics | +1 510-270-0891
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